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NEW: Sveta Balm & Serum.

Sveta Care products are …

Simple: In order for your skin to look and stay naturally beautiful, it only needs the right amount of two essential things: moisture and high-quality natural oils that work in depth and provide the skin with important nutrients.

Innovative: The new bio-certified and vegan Sveta Care products contain unique, well thought-out combinations of active ingredients and rely on natural, special power ingredients such as CBD and Reishi.

Different: All Sveta products are prepared manually and carefully packed by hand. Of course, only organic natural products and no artificial emulsifiers or preservatives are used in all Sveta recipes.

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Sveta Balm Intense with 1 % CBD

Our Sveta Balm Intense with 1% CBD repairs, protects and regenerates irritated skin, cares for and smoothes dry skin, counteracts skin aging with natural nutrients and can be used as a day, night, heat or cold cream.

Harmful environmental influences cause our skin to age prematurely – CBD provides the skin with a natural protective shield and reduces unwanted swelling and redness. It has a cell-protecting, regenerating and antioxidant effect.

The Sveta Balm Intense is full of high-quality oils – including valuable argan oil, which is known for its nourishing, antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

Sunflower oil contains valuable phytosterols. These strengthen the skin’s barrier layer, soothe irritated areas and retain moisture.

The true treasure lies in nature.
And to feel nature is the real luxury.

Sveta Face Serum with 10% Reishi

Our Sveta Face Serum with 10% Reishi regulates the moisture balance of the skin, detoxifies and tones the skin, prevents premature skin aging and can be used as a supplement to the balm or alone as a light day care.

The Asian Reishi mushroom tones and effectively prevents age spots. A true detox cure for the skin!

The effective combination of hyaluron and betaine regulate the moisture balance of the skin and bring it back into a healthy balance.

Not just beautiful to look at: edelweiss extract provides the Sveta Face Serum’s anti-aging effect, as it prevents premature skin aging.

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Sveta Face Serum with 10% Reishi | 10 ml

Sveta Balm Intense mit 1 % CBD | 50 ml
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Sveta Balm Intense with 1 % CBD | 50 ml

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Sveta CBD Spray Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera | 10…

Sveta CBD Hand Spray mit Aloe Vera | 50 ml. Das angenehm nach Lavendel duftende Sveta CBD Hand Spray mit Aloe Vera, CBD und Hanföl desinfiziert sanft und hinterlässt zudem die Hände gepflegt, regeneriert und erfrischt.
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Sveta CBD Spray Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera | 50…

Must-have: Sveta CBD Aroma Products made in Austria

Our Sveta CBD Oil Drops 8% and 15% as well as our CBD Hempflowers 6% are being carefully and lovingly grown and harvested in Austria. They are organic, vegan – and we double-check them in order to offer you particularly high quality!

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We want the best that nature has to offer.

To us, that means that our products are repeatedly tested to ensure that we can deliver safe, high-grade CBD oils, CBD hemp flowers and other hemp products, sourced and produced in Austria. Only then can we guarantee impeccable, natural products.

That is exactly the essence of Sveta:
local • organic • vegan • cruelty-free • eco-friendly • sustainable • responsible • fair • honest • independent • transparent • verified • valuable • made in Austria

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Sveta Hempflowers 6 % | 3 g

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Sveta CBD Oil Drops 15 % | 10 ml

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Sveta CBD Oil Drops 8 % | 10 ml