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Amid the countless CBD products currently on the market, the various ingredients and all the controversial opinions, it seems near impossible right now to filter the accurate important information. That’s why professional consulting, transparency and quality control are especially important in times like these. We want you get the best that nature has to offer. To ensure that, Sveta doesn’t just stand for safety and control, but also for open and honest communication.

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Our Scientific Advisory Board

We value honesty and education when it comes to hemp products – CBD especially. That means that we pay close attention to well-founded scientific studies and CBD research.

Our SvetaWorld is in constant exchange with independent experts for the medical use of cannabis. The members of our scientific advisory board – among them scientists, doctors, lawyers and therapists – aren’t just our contact people regarding all things CBD, but yours as well.

We’re in the process of putting together our scientific advisory board. In the meantime, you can approach us directly with any questions you might have or turn to Arge Canna!