Sveta CBD Vollspektrum Öl und CBD Hanfblüten aus Österreich

The People Surrounding Sveta

We prefer to work with people that share our passion for the best that nature has to offer. Among them are many startups, companies and people from right here in Austria, who put an emphasis on quality, sustainability and honesty in their work. Five of these partners are LaVida, Logsta, BioBloom, Smart Greenery and the organization ARGE CANNA:

LaVida is a one-stop shop, from production to filling to placing the labels to lovingly packing up the products. The Salzburg-natives rely on quality, transparency and control – just like Sveta.

Naturalness is a part of the LaVida philosophy – and quality is a given. For their organic and natural cosmetics, they trust in healing plants that have been used in beauty products for centuries. In combination with tried and true ingredients, they are used in high quantities and are dermatologically tested and produced according to GMP guidelines.

We love working with local startups. That’s why we decided to partner with Logsta from Leobersdorf for all our logistical matters. They lovingly ensure that your order is processed swiftly and arrives at your door safely and reliably.

Founded in April of 2017, Logsta has been supporting SMEs as well as startups in Austria, Germany and the USA. Their uncomplicated and individual logistical solutions begin with innovative IT tools, fast support of crowdfunding campaigns and extend as far as classic fulfillment services as well as a free IT interface.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go with others.

This organic agricultural operation from Burgenland capitalizes on quality. Pioneers in the field of health-oriented farming of CBD hemp, they have been certified by ARGE CANNA since 2016. The valuable BioBloom hemp plant, whose ingredients can be obtained by CO2 extraction and gentle compression at low temperatures, is turned into Sveta 8% and 15% full spectrum CBD oils, enhanced with precious hemp terpenes.

Smart Greenery
Located in the beautiful Wienerwald, this indoor plant breeding facility works in innovative ways. The Lower Austrian operation puts their focus on sustainability and quality. Smart Greenery emphasizes on a circular economy, state-of-the-art LED diode light as well as the conservation of resources. They supply us with highly aromatic and effective hemp flowers, cultivated with a system they created on their own and in compliance with Austrian legal parameters.

Like us, they also stand for quality, safety and control. The organization ARGE CANNA, short for Arbeitsgemeinschaft Cannabis als natürliche nebenwirkungsarme Arznei (en.: committee of cannabis as natural medicine with few side effects), was founded in 2014 and, like us, also stands for quality, safety and control. The goal is to rehabilitate cannabis as a medicinal plant and to educate about its use, dosage and the possibilities of its supply. In 2016, they established their certificate of cannabinoid products, the AC drop. All products from Sveta suppliers carry this certificate which stands for pollution-free, high-quality and impeccable cannabis products.

Sveta CBD Vollspektrum Öl