Our favorite duo for any situation in life: the Sveta All-Purpose package with Sveta CBD oil drops 8% and Sveta CBD oil drops 15%.

Sveta CBD Oil Drops 8%

8% full-spectrum CBD oil, 10 ml

A natural, Austrian hemp product, organically farmed and rich in high-quality, tested ingredients. The dark, 8 percent full-spectrum CBD oil has a lovely earthy scent and is free from artificial additives.

Sveta CBD Oil Drops 15%

15% full-spectrum CBD oil, 10 ml

An intensely aromatic Austrian hemp product from organic and sustainable farming. This repleted, dark full-spectrum oil is rich in high-quality, tested ingredients, has a mild and nutty scent, and is free from artificial additives.


While the effects of CBD are widely known, ingestion cannot be recommended on legal grounds. Find more information at


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Arge Canna

Tested and certified
by Arge Canna


Our BIO products are manufactured in accordance with the organic production guidelines (organic cosmetics).

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