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Who is Sveta?

Sveta is a love and trust brand that is committed to the best nature has to offer. It’s directed to all people interested in hemp products with a special focus on CBD and its effects, but especially to those that are strained in multiple ways. If you want to go through life in a more mindful manner, find your balance and individually steer your tempo, you will love Sveta and bestow upon her the trust that she deserves. Because all of her products guarantee the highest quality and 100% certified purity.

You want to learn more about Sveta and her world? This is your direct contact:
MMag. Katharina Florian
+43 650 3337665


Sveta press release 2/2020

Sveta press release 3/2020

Sveta press release 4/2020

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Sveta in the Media

ORF 2 03/2020

The show Heimat Fremde Heimat (en.: home strange home) shows in remarkable ways what the hemp plant and the CBD that’s sourced from it can do and visits some of the carefully chosen Sveta partners.
MISS & MISS App 04/2020
The high quality Sveta CBD oils were a healthy success for MISS as well. 04/2020
Mother’s Day greetings from Sveta on
Valid Magazin 04/2020
Valid Magazin also banks on our high quality CBD full spectrum oil for their beauty trend watch.
medianet Newsletter 03/2020
Love, Trust & Startnext – medianet tells our story and delves deeper into Sveta’s topics.
WIENERIN 02/2020
WIENERIN knew early on that our Sveta is more “hip than high” and supported our crowdfunding from the start. 02 & 03/2020 has already discovered Sveta products “from controlled organic cultivation.”