Sveta Hempflowers 6 % | 3 g

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6% CBD hemp flowers.

All-natural organic hemp, sustainably farmed in Lower Austria and processed gently. These organic CBD buds are especially aromatic and effective.

Quality and sustainability are essential features of the Sveta 6% CBD hemp flowers. They are free from contaminants and contain <0.2% THC. In order to guarantee impeccable quality, we include a humidity control pad with every shipment. This ensures that the product stays fresh until it arrives at your door.

Grown and harvested with love by Smart Greenery in Lower Austria.

verified • local • organic • vegan • cruelty-free • sustainable

The Sveta 6% CBD hemp flowers were tested by the organization ARGE CANNA via independent laboratories and approved as “suitable for consumption.”


While the effect of CBD is widely known, ingestion cannot be recommended on legal grounds. Find more information at arge-canna.at.

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